Some people do always dream about something productive to contribute to the national security of their nation? I mean, it’s a right way for them to serve under the defense ministry. There’s nothing greater than a pure love for a mother and the motherland.

So this is precise information brought to you that you shall surely opt for to build a bright future. It’s all about a key to the armed forces and the success of pass asvab.

It is ASVAB. Sound different right? So let me explain. This is a perfect path to reach you to a perfect success. This is of the type that the exam pattern is in multiple-choice question type. This test is acknowledged & maintained by the Department of Military Entrance Processing Command unit, United States. It is designed to test the abilities of the aspirants and require a qualification to be enlisted in the Armed Assault Forces of United States Of America.


There is a special norm for the GED holders. The GED holders have the right to get the same qualification as the diploma holders if they can score minimum marks of 100. In that case, they only need to opt for the tier 1 score to get enlisted. The score alone, however, is never an enough to determine the final merit of the examination. Certain practices are also needed in order to reach the goal. All the rules, norms & regulations are needed to be checked because they may get revised time to time. The updated news regarding all the changes that are being done must be taken into view by the help of the local recruiting centers.


Though the marking system that is used in this test is AFQT, a number of other scores are taken together to make up this score which is termed as the Military Occupational Speciality. There are 5 types of services which have individual procedures to determine the composite scores.

ARMY-The posts that are held under this service include the posts of clerical jobholders, people involved in the electronics sector, there is a post of the general technician, officers who are allocated for mechanical maintenance. Like all other services, there are also special forces that are the in charge of services that need special attention.

All the above were the posts that were involved in the Army sector. The composite score of each is determined by the summation of the verbal expression and arithmetic reasoning.

NAVY-Besides, Navy involves officials under general technical, electronics department, mechanical field, same as that in the army sector. Special officials are also involved in the medical services.

COASTLINE GUARDS-There are guards needed around the coast. So, there are technicians in aviation sector and staffs for their maintenance. To investigate certain issues there are officials involved as well. Officers for marine science are also involved.

AIR FORCE-the air force services include staffs for maintaining, as well as running the general sector and proper administration.

MARINE SERVICES-these includes posts for clerks, electricians, well skilled technical staffs.